Foresight Launch

Monitor & Simulator

The Foresight is one of the most powerful tools a player can have access to because every single shot provides ball and club head data. We look at your shot stats and break them down to see where we should focus our attention. We don’t guess, we know from the more than a dozen calculation provided on every swing what the club did to make the ball do it what it did.

K-Vest – 3D Motion Sensor Technology

The K-Vest body motion sensors measure Torso and Hip rotation and are captured through the 3D animation software at an astonishing 180 frames per second. Your eyes see things at 15 frames per second so the sensors show what our eyes can’t see. We break down all the data for each swing into simple terms to get you the right prescription for your swing.

THE NEXT LEVEL – Take those same sensors on your body and begin practicing and doing drills with the sensors telling you when you are in correct position and when you are not. Soon you begin to learn the proper feel by doing it over and over, correctly. The 3D animation will change from red to green when done properly and then an audible tone goes off when in the correct position. By training with visual, audio and kinesthetic (movement & feel) learning the guess work is taken out of practice and better practice creates better results.


V 1 Digital Video Software

We use the #1 brand of digital software in golf instruction. Quickly video a swing and we can analyze it within seconds. With smart phones and ipads capturing at 120 frames per second, both together make a instructing more productive and insightful for the student. That means you can start making changes or adjustments immediately.

Sky Trak

A launch monitor that provides real time golf shot data on club head speed, spin rates, carry distance and total distance. Practice inside with real information that you can take to the course and start using.

Orange Whip Trainers

We use the Orange whip trainers, the Orange Peel, Orange Whip Putter and Wedge. They provide the feel you need to turn muscle repetitions into muscle memory.

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