“Learn to Swing Your Swing”

Arnold Palmer

Golf Lessons Utah-The Red Rock Golf Center and the Golf Performance Studio, offer the best golf instruction in St. George, UT.  Practicing your game can be a challenge due to cold, wet, hot, windy or dark conditions; no worries, we have 5 indoor hitting stations along with a dedicated golf simulator room, a 900 sq ft putting green and all the latest technology the pros use to improve your game.  The best part about working on your game indoors here is that it is ALWAYS 73 degrees.

We pride ourselves on working with every skill level including ladies golf. Whether you are just starting out, need a golf tip to correct a swing flaw or just want to get to the next level, we can help!  Our patient PGA Professionals have the resources  & experience to make a dramatic impact on your game.

Lessons & Clinics

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In the Red Rock Golf Center we have The Golf Performance Studio which uses the same technology the Pro’s use to improve their game.  They use the best, why shouldn’t you?

Experience Matters

With over 30 years of golf instruction experience, teaching all experience levels from beginners to professionals, boys to girls, men to ladies; there is no person we have not been able to teach.