Private Instruction

We offer programs that are designed to accommodate your schedule, budget and desired goals. One on One instruction where the focus is on helping you Swing your Swing…Contact Us


Do you feel uncomfortable learning on your own as someone analyzes every move you make as you try to hit the golf ball? Being a part of a group gives you the instruction you need so you can learn without all the pressure…Clinic Schedule

Golf Schools

Join one of many group experiences where you get immersed in your golf game for multiple hours and/or days. Our PGA Golf Professionals teach you a better game so you can have more fun on the course.

Create Your Own Golf School

We pride ourselves on helping all skill levels with whatever the abilities or the lack of them, play better golf.  Our 30+ years of experience of helping beginners start the game to low handicappers get to the next level, we are trained to coach you through the process.

We can use the latest technology to improve your game by determining your strengths and weaknesses and prescribe the best path for success.  In our indoor studio, we use the Foresight Launch Monitor and Simulator to give us ball and club head data that you can’t get by just hitting balls on the range.  We use the V1 software to video your swing and show you what it is really doing and then we analyze it and give you a path toward improvement.

For the more experienced player, we can use the latest biomechanic technology from K-VEST.  We place body motion sensors on key parts of the body, pinpointing at 180 frames per second what our eyes can’t see. We give you quantifiable proof of the range of motion as well as the speed of the body during a swing. Players can train using the sensors to reinforce good muscle memory through auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning. The professionals on the Tours all use this same technology, why shouldn’t you? We like to say:

“Better Technology + Better Practice = Better Results”

Lex with club

Lesson Plans…

Whether you are looking for a single lesson or a series of lessons, we have different programs to fill your needs, let’s get you started on the path to more enjoyable golf…Contact Us