Rob's Experience

Rob is a native of Cleveland, Ohio and has 36 years of golf instruction experience. He is a member of the PGA of America and CREATOR of his

“POSITIONS Golf Method"

which any player, at any level, can learn and use to play better golf.

He started playing golf at the age of 6 and began assisting with instruction when he was 16 years old. He is an accomplished teacher and has taught the game of golf to thousands of students over the years. He has trained the spectrum from beginners to professionals and from juniors to seniors. There has not been anybody he has not been able to teach regardless of their ability, disability or body limitations. 

Rob started his own golf instruction and teaching business 8 years ago on the premise that anyone can play the game of golf and there is not just one way to swing a club. His goal is to help players figure out what their individual body can and can’t do and get their swing to be the best it can be. As Arnold Palmer used to say:” Learn to Swing your Swing”. With this belief, he became a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Golf Instructor.  This information specifically focuses on determining what parts of the body are strong and weak. Also, their specific ranges of motion to determine a body’s natural tendencies during the swing which can cause many chronic swing issues. 

To dive even deeper into the body’s motion, Rob added K-Vest  - 3D Body Motion Sensors. This allows for further evaluate of how the body works during a golf swing and through the kinematic sequence (which is the most efficient and effective way to swing or throw any object). This technology shows the swing in 3D animation and also in graphic form. The data from the sensors shows how the different parts of the body are sequencing, their speed and their ranges of motion at 180 frames per second. It is like getting an X-Ray on your swing. Rob is a K-VEST Certified Level II instructor. This technology allows for quantifiable data that produces an unseen blueprint to an individual’s swing. Then using this technology for training and swing drills with its auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning tools, changes are measured over time with actual verifiable proof.

To gain even more information on a player’s swing, Rob also uses the Foresight Launch Monitor in the indoor studio simulator, to obtain club and ball data on every golf shot. This amazing technology provides information on club head & ball speeds, launch angles, side and back spins, shot height and decent angles, carry & total distances with how far offline the shot was to the target. It also provides data that pinpoints strengths and weaknesses on club data like: swing path, club face, attack angle, smash factor and where exactly the ball hits on the face of the club. He also uses video with the V-1 Software to breakdown swings to show back to his students.

That is why Rob likes to say:

"Better Technology + Better Experienced Instruction = Better Results"

He has been very fortunate to work at some of best facilities in the country and they include: Kirtland CC – Top 20 Courses in Ohio - Kirtland, OH, Sand Ridge GC - #55 Best Courses in America – Cleveland, OH, Lake Nona GC - #30 Best in Florida – Orlando, FL, Forest Oaks CC – Hosted PGA Tour for 30 years – Greensboro, NC, Conestoga GC - #5 Best in Nevada – Mesquite, NV. Rob also worked for the largest golf management company in the world, Troon Golf as the Director of Golf at two of their facilities after receiving his MBA degree.

2018 - Finalist for Teacher of the Year - Utah PGA

2019 - Nominated for Player Development Leader of the Year - Utah PGA

2019 - Nominated for Youth Player Development Leader of the Year-Utah PGA