Comments from Clients


DB – “Played in a 27 hole tournament today, shot 39, 41, 43 and won low net in my flight and missed only 3 fairways. Drove great and hit some great irons. Thanks for the help!

DF – “Thank you, it was my posture causing the pull. Even helped carry the ball further”

AC – …”Shot 7 stokes better to tie for for 1st Net. Hit driver much better today. I’m Getting There. Thanks.”

JG – “Rob, I can’t believe what your Position Golf Method has done for my game. It makes playing the game so easy and all the girls I play with are jealous. I’m not telling them either. Thank You!”

R&S A - Thank you for such an easy intro to the game of golf. It makes sense and I can't believe the ball was going straight and as far as it was after just one session. We promise to practice. Thank You Rob!